Quality and personal approach

Spraakteknik emerged from a genuine interest in languages, communication and technology. We don’t hesitate to discover, test and learn new and exciting projects.

Knowledge only survives if we are prepared to share it with others. That’s why we continuously communicate our knowledge to everyone who has an interest in it.

All projects that we take on are not only done for you, but even with you. We make sure that you don’t lose control by passing on duties to us, you get a cooperative partner and together we grow stronger.

We don’t see any obstacles, only challenges. Spraakteknik likes to call themselves specialists, but even we learn day by day and get more specialized in our field. We execute our tasks in such a way that both you and we can feel satisfied with the result. Next time, we might excel ourselves.


The idea to start as a translation agency has its offspring in the urge to preserve and enrich our three native languages (Dutch, French and Swedish). Just as you, we value the possibility to communicate very much and to facilitate that communication, we like to assist you with translation services. Spraakteknik has during about 10 years contributed with mostly legal, technical and business translations between English, Dutch, French and Swedish. Some examples are:

  • Degrees and certifications;
  • Legal documents;
  • Brochures and official forms for importing and exporting animals;
  • Sales terms and warranty specifications;
  • Forms for residence permits and their annexes;
  • Merging and shareholder agreements;
  • Comprehensive tender documents;
  • User manuals for industrial machinery.


With the growing popularity of the internet boundaries have blurred. While you are browsing through the internet, you stumble over lots of interesting websites from foreign companies and organisations. You may appreciate the possibility of understanding all the information.  This applies to your customers and interested parties and that is why we like to contribute with an ‘localisation’ of your website. Some examples:

  • Pan European e-business in contact lenses and auxiliaries;
  • CRM web applications;
  • Online newsletters.

IT & process optimization

The knowledge of languages aside, Spraakteknik disposes of a degree in business science and an elaborate experience in the fields of administrative processes, cost accounting and systems development. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest evolutions in programming, database architecture, administration software and emerging technologies. Some of the techniques we are experienced with:

  • Windows Small Business Server - Windows Server;
  • MS Visual Studio - MS SQL Server;
  • Cubic - SAP - IFS - Hogia - BlAdmin - Bluegarden;
  • MS Office;
  • Adobe CS;
  • Trados - MemoQ.